About Ivy

Ivy is an experienced medical massage therapist with more than 21 years of experience. 

Born in Baltimore, MD and raised in both Chicago and the suburbs of Atlanta, she fell in love with anatomy and the function and design of the human body in a
high school art class.

Ivy was raised in a family where natural healing was honored. Both her aunt & uncle were Certified Reflexologists in Lancaster, PA, serving the Amish community for more than 30 years. She began working on her dad's feet when she was about 6 years old, developing an intuitive touch.

Educated at Gwinnett College in Atlanta, GA she was the Valedictorian of her graduating class in 1996.

Ivy lives with her loving spouse Debbie and their furry children, Raven & Ravi and practices within the metro-Atlanta area.

When taking some time away from helping others, we all enjoy boating, swimming, fiber art, painting & sketching, pottery, gardening and gourmet (gluten-free & ECHO) cooking.
We started ECHO
as a simple facebook page in 2014.

Encouraged by friends who were seeing major changes in our health and extreme weight - loss we decided to share our recipe for success.

Yes, we are working on a cooking publication as well as live-cooking events.
Check back soon! 

Deb (pictured with Ivy to the right)

is the research director for ECHO
and regularly uncovers many hidden treasures of information and food-education for Ivy and our clients. She is instrumental in motivating our team to keep continuing our education for our own health and for the benefit of everyone with whom we work.

Raven   (pictured below)

is our on-site Therapy Dog. She is still in training for her certification / registration but works with Ivy when she is needed for clients who have PTSD and anxiety.

She is a calming, loving canine with a sweet heart and a nose for ear rubs and chicken treats.

Raven can be reached at 770.990.7470.
She currently does not respond to emails.