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We believe in connecting you

with other professionals, local &
national vendors who can help your
growth, health and progress
in all areas of your life.

Please use the resource list below

to connect with other professionals
& organizations with whom
we place our trust.​​

Resources & Links

(American Massage Therapy Association)
Find professional massage therapists all over the US

KLS Family Wellness & Chiropractic Center                                                   
Specializing in Nervous System Healing

Nature's Way Chiropractic Center (Dr Kara Zajac's office)                         
Specializing in traditional Chiropractic

Retreat Center and Spiritual Event Space in Cumming GA                         
A sacred space for healing & retreats

Gainesville Chiropractic Center (Dr Cliff Griffin's office)  
Specializing in gentle Chiropractic

Sphere Innovation Group                                                                                 
Specializing in Hypnotherapy & Life Coaching
Ivy is a Certified Wellness Coach thanks to Melba & Ben at Sphere Innovation

LaVida Massage Johns Creek, GA                                                                    
Ivy works at LaVida on Mondays and Wednesdays.
Ivy does not do Wellness Coaching at LaVida.

​More connections to come... check back often!

Patient Education


Massage can sometimes be medically necessary for you or your family.

If you have chronic pain and other therapies have not helped, ask your medical Dr to write an Rx for medically necessary massage.

Download the letter below, print and take to your Dr to educate them on how to write for this needed therapy.

A "Medical Massage" Rx
or a "Neuromuscular Therapy" Rx
MUST BE WRITTEN as the letter outlines.
Your insurance company will DISALLOW anything less!

The best investment in your health & happiness is self-awareness
and education.

Find what works for you and experiment with new therapies,
new food,
new routines
& see what works for you.

Take care of yourself so that you can live pain-free
and care for those you love.
​​Retrain Your Brain.
Reset Your Body.
Reclaim Your Life.