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Long Journey... Short Story


The reason I offer Wellness Coaching is because
            I was once in your shoes.              
I have lived through life-threatening pain

a major health crisis & I am now thriving!

Ivy's Story...

When I was 19 years of age I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease.
I had been experiencing abdominal pain and digestive issues since I was a child.

I was misdiagnosed 5 times with:

Possible Ovarian cysts
Acid reflux
Ulcers & even possible “undiscovered” pregnancy.

The doctors were clueless of how to help me.
After a colon resection was performed and my official diagnosis was:
~ Crohn's
~ Colitis
~ Meckle’s Diverticulum
~ Diverticulitis
~ Fibromyalgia
~ Rheumatoid Arthritis & Poly Arthritis

The doctors told me to eat normally and avoid dairy.
I listened to their advice and tried to live life as normal and kept
getting worse with every passing, miserable day.

I became a vegetarian, hoping to give my body a break from
the difficult task of digesting meat. After 6 years of vegetarianism
my health was failing even more.
After an enormous amount of weight gain,
more than 20 medications used & NO positive results,
I was reaching a point of desperation. 

One morning at around 3:00 AM I awoke with my heart racing and a tight feeling in my chest.
I was 38 years old and was having symptoms of a heart attack (with no previous cardiac history).
Intuitively I knew this was not normal and I thought maybe the cocktail of medications was to blame.
The pain-management doctor I was seeing barely looked at my medication list before placing me on the meds; blindly I agreed, following his assumed knowledge and experience. 
I got out of bed at 3:00 AM & started researching symptoms online.
I came across a website called www.drugs.com & entered my medication list (all 14 meds). 

The website warned me with more than
23 pages of alerts and CONTRA -indications 
and suggested that I see my Dr. immediately.

I did just that. I had an emergency appointment the next morning and after the pain-management doctor cynically suggested that I might “die” if we don't stop the meds. I fired him on the spot. 

I was diagnosed that day with a "pre-seizure" and Serotonin Syndrome and high risk of heart failure. I was taken off of all medications and was told to just try to bear the pain. I walked out of his office and never went back.  

I visited a nutritionist who suggested a gluten-free, sugar-free, natural diet.
This advice started me on the right track, then the journey began...

After 4 days of eliminating sugar and eating clean,
I felt better (in just 4 days) and my life began to CHANGE!

I am working once again as a full-time Licensed Massage Therapist & Certified Wellness Coach.
I am healthier than ever and living MEDICATION - FREE!          

You are not alone!

Contact me & together we can TRANSFORM your life! 

At my lowest point,  
I drew this picture
describing how I felt. 





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