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Eliminate Pain without Inflicting Pain - NCBTMB Approved CE Courses

LGBTQA+ Affirming Care & Training


Bodywork tailored to the Trans Community

Ivy @ ECHO Healing GA is involved in upcoming networks within the LGBTQA+ community and is currently researching and creating a CE (continuing education) class specifically 

designed for therapists to learn how to best serve the trans community with specialized & tailored care.

From Ivy:

"My specific goals are to be sure that we, as affirming therapists and facilitators, network effectively enough that we gain connection with each other in EVERY STATE, EVERY MAJOR CITY 

(and eventually INTERNATIONALLY). 

Our sisters and brothers in this community need us. The lack of touch and the rates of suicide attempts within our community of youth and adults is staggering."

"We're all just walking each other home."

~ Ram Dass

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She helped me so much...

Ivy is an amazing LMT! She has helped me so much with pain in my neck, shoulder & arm. She is professional, talented and truly wants to help people feel better. After finding Ivy, I will never go anywhere else. 

~ C. F. Dawsonville, GA

Helped me tremendously...

Ivy is the best! She will be an incredible national CEU instructor as her stretching techniques, anatomical knowledge & bold personality have helped me with my low back and hip pain for several years now. She will be any ~ J.L. Cumming, GA

Could not ask for better...

I have been seeing Ivy for over 2 years now for therapeutic massage and sports massage. Very personable, energetic & knowledgeable about anatomy & physiology. You could not ask for a better experience.

~ D. R. Dahlonega, GA

She changed my swing & my game...

"To be honest, I was surprised but after you worked on me, my swing was more smooth and my game was improved. Thank you!"

~ Howard Twitty, Pro-Golfer 

Three time PGA Champion

PGA Tour 1996

Blood work does not lie...

I am a 64 year old female and I had multiple issues of pain, inflammation and autoimmune disease as well as digestive disorders for which there was no medical explanation except being labeled IBS.  

During the course of working with Ivy (as my massage therapist), she shared her wellness program with me and her own journey to wellness by eating clean. 

I hired her as my wellness coach and on September 1st I started my new eating plan.  

Ivy took me grocery shopping and educated me on label reading, gave me lists of the 9 known allergen foods to avoid, shared her recipes and encouraged me... I have been on a statin drug for so long, my cholesterol total was always over 200 and my triglycerides were double that. 

My triglycerides went from 450 to 194! 

Also, my glucose went from the 200's to 80!

I am thankful that Ivy has been so honest and upfront with me about her own story and the benefits that I will realize over a period of time.  I can honestly say that I have no digestive issues that plague me now, which is so wonderful.  I continue to add foods slowly back in to my diet, some with good results and others that I will avoid.  

I recommend Ivy highly to everyone seeking a better, healthier way to live.  She is skilled in her body work and knowledge of many wonderful techniques to help specific issues. 

She is kind, has a loving spirit and it is my opinion that she is a true healer. I am sad to see her move away from FT work but I know she will be a great massage CE teacher in this field. She would be an asset to any massage therapy school which employs her.

~ K.P. Dawsonville, GA