ECHO Healing GA



Before: (2010)


317 lbs

Taking 14 medications

On long-term disability with the inability to work, function or even do simple household tasks.

Suffering from:

Chronic infections like flu / cold / bronchitis

Severe symptoms of Crohn's disease

Ulcerative Colitis

Morbid Obesity





Severe Depression



Acid reflux

Meckle's Diverticulum


Poly Arthritis with severe joint pain

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic Muscular Pain


Candida Albicans Infection

Chronic Dermatitis

Loss of Libido


After: (2020)


180 lbs


Working full-time as a

Licensed Massage Therapist 

Massage Therapy Instructor

offering continuing education courses to other licensed therapists in the US.

NCBTMB Approved Provider 

Living pain-free & feeling vibrant and ALIVE,

offering love and support to her family & friends!

Ivy's Words

At the age of 19 I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease...

Five doctors misdiagnosed me.


I was told I should drink milk of magnesia. 

I was told it was in my head. 

I was told I was probably just pregnant.

I was told to take medication after medication with no improvement.

I was still struggling at the age of 38 and getting worse each day.

One morning at 3:00 AM I awoke with heart palpitations which I was told was probably anxiety. 

At that time I was on 14 medications.

I refused to believe anxiety & heart palpitations were normal. I set an emergency appointment with one of my many doctors the next day. 

He told me I was having a health crisis and had "serotonin syndrome."  I was having a pre-seizure & he was the Dr. who had prescribed the last four medications to help me cope with the pain I was suffering.

I stopped all meds immediately to save my life.  I fired that doctor and I never looked back...

I went to see a nutritionist who suggested a gluten-free diet with a candida albicans cleanse.

That visit was the beginning of my transformed life.

I did my own research and with the help of my former partner, Debbie reading through so many new research studies we discovered there are so many foods (not just gluten) which are extremely inflammatory. Deb was helpful, focused & motivated to find help for me and for herself (she suffered from fibromyalgia and other chronic pain conditions).

I was introduced to J.J.Virgin's, Virgin Diet plan and it set me on a new path to help others find their joy for life and live pain-free as I have.

I became a certified Health & Wellness Coach in 2017. I have always been a bodyworker and it is my true passion (to help others heal and live pain-free). Although I no longer offer coaching services I believe a diet of food and nutrition with less inflammatory factors is key for our overall health.

The ECHO Story


How ECHO Started

ECHO was a simple facebook page in 2014 after some great weight loss results and a few recipes were seen and shared with friends on social media.

Ivy has lost a total of 143 lbs. since 2010. Most of of the weight loss and regaining of energy and vitality has been since being introduced to 

The Virgin Diet & eliminating sugar intake when starting the ECHO diet in 2014.

Ivy was the Valedictorian of her graduating class in 1996 from Gwinnett College in Atlanta, GA. Certified in Neuromuscular Therapy and GA State Licensed since 2006. Certified as a Health Coach since 2017 she helps others relieve pain just as she has.

At this time, Ivy is not accepting new clients for either bodywork or coaching. She is focusing on caregiving for her sweet but very old parents.

She lives just north of Atlanta near Milton, GA and works FT as a Licensed Massage Therapist & now teaches NCBTMB Approved Continuing Education Courses in GA, NC, TN and offers retreats in the beautiful N GA mountains starting spring of 2020.  She is developing new classes and making things happen for colleagues & therapists right now (as you read this).