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Continuing Education (CE) Credits available soon for Licensed Massage Therapists

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Eliminate Pain without Inflicting Pain:

  Learn from a seasoned therapist of 22 years how to eliminate pain without inflicting pain on your client. Providing a deeply relaxing massage partnered with effective muscle release, stretching and relationship building can assure a unique massage experience, loyal clientele and a long career.

The Small Business Struggle

Learn how to gain control over your business, your schedule & your money. Be a focused professional instead of a flighty wanna-be. 

Learn about client retention & re-booking skills instead of depending on advertising dollars & word-of-mouth referrals to help you succeed. 

Learn how to work with your community for your benefit and theirs.

Learn everything from body-mechanics to Best Business Practices to assure success.

Side-lying Massage Stretching for EVERYONE!

Learn how adding stretching to every session for every client (no matter their activity level) can benefit them, keep them coming back & give your body a much-needed break from possible burn-out. Learn how side-lying massage can help not just pregnant people but also clients with chronic low-back pain, obese clients and clients with breathing difficulties. 

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