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Retreats in beautiful Blue Ridge, GA      

June 5-7, 2020  & Oct 2020


ALL-INCLUSIVE Retreat $590




All classes are certified by NCBTMB; 

Leah Ivy Iverson, LMT 

GA LMT License #009918

NCBTMB Provider #1000218 

Exp: 9-25-2022

Classes Available:

Eliminate Pain without Inflicting Pain

Active Isolated Stretching Training, Massage CEU, massage ce


Learn from a seasoned therapist of 23 years how to eliminate pain without inflicting pain on your client or yourself. Providing a deeply relaxing massage partnered with 

  • effective muscle release
  • active isolated stretching
  • relationship building
  • intuitive touch & more...

to ensure a loyal clientele and a long career.


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COMING SOON!!! CE Class - "ECHO 180" Certification

Serving the LGBTQA+ & gender non-conforming Community

From Ivy:

"In the late 90's I volunteered with AID Atlanta and offered healing, human touch to our family members who had a (+) status of HIV / AIDS. Sadly, at that time in history, we were still being told that rubber gloves were wise to use on our (+) clients. I never used gloves on any soul.

Intuitively I knew that they all needed loving, non-sexual human affection. Skin to skin contact was necessary, without being treated as untouchable, unclean freaks." 

Special thanks to the research, connections, professional guidance & personal experience of Ames Simmons, Sean King, LMT

Kari Stauder, LMT & more partners in this vision.

Many thanks to the multiple partners within our community who have allowed us to learn from their own experience of how to best serve our family of trans brothers and sisters. 


A new NCBTMB approved CE course designed for therapists who have a heart for ALL people on ALL journeys is in the oven now. The course will be focused, hands-on therapy practices tailored to those of us in our community thriving through gender-affirming surgical, medical, emotional & psychological transition.

The Course is entitled "ECHO 180 Certification"

The course offering will include :

- Pre-op Soft tissue prep

- Scar Tissue Massage

- Post-op loss of sensation / numbness

- Back pain from binding & corset use

- Facial and anterior neck massage for post facial-feminization surgery

- Pectoral massage and the importance of pre-op & post-op for both    

   implantation /radical mastectomy

- Lateral Thoracic region massage with attention to increased 

   ROM in the arms & decreasing loss of sensation

- Lateral scar tissue massage from phalloplasty donor site(s)

- Sensitivity, Inclusivity & diversity training

- Mindfulness & breath work to increase lung capacity from

    post-binding or corset use. 

- Breath work specific to anxiety, depression and self-acceptance.

Ivy is currently searching for experienced therapists to help co-create this course and will soon be interviewing teaching assistants.

This course is currently in the production stages and will take months of research to complete. Please stay tuned!!

Questions, comments and offerings of assistance can be directed to:

LGBTQA+massageCE, LGBTQA+massage

LGBTQA+massageCE, LGBTQA+massage

Coming Soon!!! CE Class -"Side Lying Massage"

Side lying massage, MassageCEU's, MassageCE

Side Lying Massage Class Details:

COMING SOON in 2020!!!

Side-lying Massage & Stretching for EVERYONE!

Learn how adding stretching to every session for every client (no matter their activity level) can benefit them, keep them coming back & give your body a much-needed break from possible burn-out. 

Learn how side-lying massage can help not just pregnant women but also ANY client with: 

· Chronic low-back pain

· Cervical fusion

· Thoracic mobility issues

· Obese clients

· Clients with breathing difficulties

· People with breast augmentation

· Chest reconstruction

· Clients with PTSD & anxiety or trauma survivors

6 credit hours (LIVE Hands-On CE)

1 day course


ALL Classes are certified by NCBTMB; 

Leah Ivy Iverson, LMT 

GA LMT License #009918

NCBTMB Provider #1000218  

2020 Class Schedule

Eliminate Pain without Inflicting Pain (12 CE's)

PLEASE NOTE: Classes are subject to change. If class registration is low for any class /location & is not in high-demand, that class may be cancelled.  We recommend you share your interest with a friend and take the class together to boost registration for your chosen date & location. Please register ASAP to reserve your seat.

If any class has more than 20 registered students, a teaching assistant will be utilized and locations may need to be adjusted for working comfort in a class setting.


All classes at Atlanta School of Massage MUST BE REGISTERED and PAID for through Atlanta School of Massage.

Please visit their website:

Jan 19-20               Atlanta School of Massage            Atlanta, GA

Feb 16-17              Atlanta School of Massage             ATL

Feb 29-March 1     Cohutta Healing Arts                      Ellijay, GA

March 15-16          Atlanta School of Massage             ATL

March 28-29          Crystal Visions                                Hendersonville, NC

April 19-20             Atlanta School of Massage            ATL

May 17-18              Atlanta School of Massage            ATL

May 23-24              Cohutta Healing Arts                     Ellijay, GA

June 5-7                  Heartwood Retreat Center            Blue Ridge, GA

June 14-15             Atlanta School of Massage            ATL

June 28-29             Atlanta School of Massage            ATL

July 12-13              Atlanta School of Massage            ATL

Aug 8-9                   TBD                                                 TBD

Aug 16-17              TBD                                                  TBD

Aug 22-23              Crystal Visions                                Hendersonville, NC

Aug 29-30              TBD                                                  TBD

Sept 2-3                 TBD                                                  St. Louis, MO

Sept 12-13            TBD                                                  TBD

Sept 19-20            TBD                                                  TBD

Sept 26-27            TBD                                                  TBD

Oct 15-16              TBD                                                  TBD

Oct 18-19              TBD                                                  TBD

Oct 22-23              TBD                                                  TBD

Oct 25-26              TBD                                                  TBD

Oct 29-30              TBD                                                  TBD

MassageCE, massage CEU, massageceu

MassageCE, massage CEU, massageceu

Course Content & What you will learn

Stay Tuned for more in 2020 & 2021


Classes In Nashville, TN

Mindfulness & Breath work

Classes In Nashville, TN

It's in the works!

Stay tuned!


"ECHO 180" Certification

Mindfulness & Breath work

Classes In Nashville, TN

Learn how to tailor your work to the LGBTQA+ community, specifically focused on the trans community and our gender non-conforming brothers and sisters.

MassageCEU, Massagetraining, CEU's

Mindfulness & Breath work

Mindfulness & Breath work

Mindfulness & Breath work

Give yourself some attention, slow down, become more present & relieve anxiety.

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